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everybody. >> over the years, this storm-battered town was in that cone of uncertainty many times. katrina and rita in 2005. ike in 2008. but the people knew those storms were coming. >> the minute it hit the gulf, we went into high gear, but we were prepared to get into high gear. we were able to do that because of the satellites, because of the communication, and because of the warnings we got. >> we could be without power for as much as seven to ten days. >> the same warnings that came as superstorm sandy raced up the coastline. >> people across the eastern seaboard, midatlantic, you need to take this very seriously. >> but history might have told a very different story. just a month before sandy, one of those key g.o.e.s. satellites that monitors the atlantic and caribbean where sandy was born went down. >> there was enough uncertainty while we're still in hurricane season that we took the precautionary measure to move the other satellite over. >> perhaps, some experts say, a foreshadowing. dr. kevin trenberth of the national center for atmospheric research says noaa got lucky they had
in on being back to where it was prior to hurricane katrina? > > that is a very good question. a lot of us believe that because the nfl gave us the super bowl to host when we won the bid back in 2009, that it was a way for the world to say, "new orleans, you have done a great job coming back after such a tremendous catastrophe." and in many ways we can close the door on katrina. there will always be projects that we are working on to improve our environment and improve our community. we think we have come such a long way, and it is a great lesson for the rest of the nation on resiliency, persistence, and patience as well. > what are some parts of the economy where you would like to see more growth? > > we have done such a great job with the reform of our educational delivery system. 70% of our kids are in charter schools in orleans parish, which is a tremendous growth in time for many purposes. and the medical industry, i think, has great opportunity. we are building a $200 million medical complex that will be the home of the veterans administration. new orleans has recently been ranked as
a disaster, their lives are wrecked. i saw this firsthand, i went down to help out with katrina thing in september. it's weird. because you are dealing with people that lost everything and it's kind of hard to imagine that if you haven't done it yourself. basically, you know, she's looking at her curtains here, she probably hand-stitched those things. maybe they have been hanging there the last 5 or 6 years. everything in the house is wrecked, photos, keepsakes, it's a tough thing. and people deal with this kind of stress in different ways. we as disaster workers, we see it all the time. but we have a word we use, professional. we try to be professional around people that have suffered a loss like this because they don't want us to come -- you don't want to go into somebody's house and be joking and having a good time. it's unprofessional. when you are dealing with somebody who has a loss like this, just think of the word professional. that's what we try to do. this sort of body language here, she's trying to comfort here, do you think she's buying it? not with that body language. she
from hurricane katrina in 2005. >> it was a game that came down to the last two minutes. ravens were walking away with the first half. then there was a half-time break and a 35-minute power outage. then the 49ers seemed to send a new team back out on the field. this was the battle of brothers -- john harbaugh and jim harbaugh. in the end, the baltimore ravens won by 3 points, 34-31. this was the first opportunity to showcase new orleans since 2005, when hurricane katrina wiped out much of this town, putting it under 16 inches of water. since then, the cut -- the city put $336 million into the superdome. more people have come back after leaving following hurricane katrina. the winners on the field might have been the baltimore ravens. outside the field, it was new orleans. >> some football news. in the last hour or so, european police confirm that over 380 matches across the continent were fixed. for more on this, we can't speak to our correspondent in london. what more can you tell us -- we can speak to our correspondent in london. what more can you tell us? >> it is the biggest inve
. i agree with rush that katrina is a force of nature oherself. none of the destructive capabilities, but a great deal of power. she brings a driving passion into her work. the flame has gotten brighter of late. we will talk about the progress of perspective -- progressive perspective. little seems to have become toxic and passe -- liberal seems to have become toxic and passe at the same time. a few years ago, the proposition we have to defend was "good riddance to mainstream media." we each had an interest in this. katrina made our case forcefully. she did it without a hint of an edge or snarky humor or even questionable taste. twe won and were not shy about celebrating. we were exuberant celebrators. the sense of grace combined with her intensity and style. in a world of kardashians and other circus acts in the media, she is a giant gusts of intelligence and class. it makes me feel old to say this, but i know her mom, and equally fascinating woman, a great writer. her grandfather founded the music corporation of america that defined culture and music today. having said that about h
katrina. usually there is a backup generator, a reserve generator, just like they have in hospitals. in any major facility, you would think in a sporting facility like that, they would have it, in an arena like that. things were going so well for new orleans when it came to recovery for hurricane katrina, every time i go back, the city really looks like it's recovering, this is a huge black eye, the world is watching, all of a sudden in the middle of the biggest game of the year, the biggest sporting game of the year, the power goes out and the momentum of the game changes. this is not good for the city. i love the city. i'm just being honest, mark? >> no. and we've had an incredible week here. it has been one incredible week this city has been looking forward to since the recovery from carekatrina. they wanted the people to come back, it's been a festive atmosphere throughout. you have to wonder, where will this go. the aging infrastructure of this facility itself, it's been through massive renovations since katrina, we damaged it, remember the rooftop damage we saw here. a lot of
. the area also suffered heavy property damage from hurricane katrina back in 2005. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to stossel. for all the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. education in america is a mess. what will fix it? who might fix it? >> somebody needs to fix it! you can do it! >> oprah thinks this woman can fix it. >> thank you, michelle. i'm rooting for you. >> michelle is michelle reid. >> michelle reid an acting chancellor. >> five years ago the mayor picked her to manage the d.c. schools. >> you had never run a school system before. >> i had never run a school before and that why people thought that adrian was nuts. a 37-year-old girl from toledo, ohio. >> and a people said what? who? >> yeah. people said he has lost his mind. >> her friends said she had lost hers. >> i have two kids, two daughters, 9 and 12. and they -- i put them in the d.c. public schools. >> the schools were a disaster. test results among the worst in america. the chancellor quickly learned although only 8% of d.c.'s kids were on gr
. >> katrina, did you read the foreign affairs article that backs up the occupy movement? there was a recent article about the new progressive movement. there is more coming out about the occupy agenda and what they want. you have articulated some of the agenda. geoffrey sax talked about three- regulating the market -- regulating the market. it is all there. why is it not been articulated by the media? >> i think it is. it is not up to -- different occupy's have different demands. it is up to people like "the nation" and other groups like rebuild the dream, national people's action, the progressive caucus. occupy wall street is a spirit. they're committed at the moment to not having concrete demands. we have six ideas. one would be the robin hood tax. the other would be to change the way our tax structure is organized, how to get money out of politics, hold corporations responsible, support attorney general's fighting for for closure relief. there are six of 10. >> have you ever been wrong? [laughter] >> occupy wall street is a moral compass. they are articulating what they think it should b
of the the common krumholtz collective, which exists now is an ngo in louisiana. 2005 after hurricane katrina in august 2005 izzo recalled there was the health care infrastructure collapsed in new orleans. many people were left in places like charity hospital today. a lot of first responders for that to be the city and often their catastrophic situations. so you have not only the health care infrastructure more particularly. within a few days of hurricane katrina, three activists start the common ground collective and very basic preliminary health care services for people who remained in the city. one of these people is malika verheyen, a member of the black panther party in new orleans. they talk about starting the common ground clinic with these two other people, a doctor at another act of this, he says very freely the reason he felt like he could do this in the face about this catastrophe all around them is they have done similar work in the black after party. these two clinics operate today as distinct legacies of activism. >> host: alondra nelson, is they are a distress towards health ca
kids now attend charters, how did that happen? >> hurricane katrina on track to make a hit on low lying city of new orleans. john: it happened because of a hurricane. >> all eyes on new orleans. >> this entire area will be underwater. >> mother nature is in charge, now mother nature has dealt a horrific blow. john: when hurricane katrina hit, it destroyed the schall system. >> it was one of the worst school districts in the country. >> before katrina, our schools -- they were failing. >> do you rebuild what was there or build something new? john: louisiana built something new. they made it easy for people to open charters. >> you tell the state, here is my plan. john: ben started a school called academy. >> he put up signs advertising his school. >> this number here is my cell phone. john: he had to advertise students had to choose to go there, they didn't just get sent here because they lived mere by. >> we're putting these umeverywhere. john: he went to people's houses to recruit. >> living in new orleans, we never had that. >> her son reggie goes to the academy. >> he came out here,
that happen? >> hurricane katrina on track to make a direct hit on the low lying city of new orleans. >> it happened because of a hurricane. >> all eyes are on new orleans. >> this entire area will be under water. >> mother nature is in charge and now mother nature has dealt one horrific blow. >> when katrina flooded new orleans didn't just destroy the city it destroyed the school system. some school reformers thought maybe that's what needed to happen. >> it was probably one of the worst school districts in the country. it was a horror. >> before katrina how did they? it would just fail. >> let's you rebuild what was there or did you rebuild something entirely. >> louisiana built something new. they made it easy for people to open charters. >> you tell them here's my plan. >> ben marcovitz started a charter school called sigh academy. >> when he started his school in 2008 he was the only employee. he drove his car around new orleans until 3 in the morning putting up signs advertising schools. >> you see the number right here that was my cell phone. >> he had to at ties because st --
. how did that happen? >> hurricane katrina on track to make a direct hit on the low lying city of new orleans. >> it happened because of a hurricane. >> all eyes on new orleans. not only a famous city but below sea level. >> the entire area will be under water. >> when katrina flooded new orleans it didn't just flood much of the city it also destroyed the school system. some school reformers think maybe that is what needed to happen. >> it was wound of the worst school districts in the country. it was a horror. >> before katrina the schools were just failing. >> rebuild what was there or build something entirely new? >> laz built something new and made it easy for people to open charters. >> still the state here is my plan. >> ben started a charter school called psi academy. >> we have complete control over the quality of our instruction. >> when start the the school in 2008 he was the only employee. he drove his car around new orleans until 3:00 in the morning putting up signs advertising his school. >> and you see this number right here that was my cell phone. >> he had to advertise
katrina. the garden survived. >> the storm threat is gone and e clean-up begins. >> the clinic also continues in rtheast on friday. more than 3 feet of snow. the weather is blamed for 14 deaths. in the day ahead, the man accused of killing a local nd daughter is set to go on trial. their bodies were found in a burning car. he is also suspected of killing mother andal 09.ghter in january 20 he could face a 100-year prison sentence. >> d.c. police are investigating a double stabbing aat happened outside of nightclub. in men and women were stabbed outsidenday morning the padley boom boom club. police say the people involved were in said the club shortly after the stabbing took place. police are now searching for the attacker. former first lady wants to become the next anne arundel ounty executive. the wife of former gov. bob ehrlich says she is the right the job.r >> i think it is significant a i think women in the county would be a big breath of fresh air. the deadline to apply is friday. and now taking in the event chevy malibu, the cheaper.g and the latest in a possible bet
except in one town most kids attend and charter. how did that have been? >> hurricane katrina made a direct hit. >> because of the hurricane. >> new orleans, this entire area will be under water. ♪ mother nature is ii charge and has dealt one terrific blow. >> when a flooded northlands it didn't destroy just the skiddy one negative city but the school system's some thought that is what needed to happen. >> one of the worst school districts in the country. >> before katrina schools were failing. >> day you rebuild or something entirely new? >> louisiana built something new and maybe ec summit you tell the state here is my plan, there was a school called t. levin he would drive his car around putting up signs advertising his school. he had to advertise because students had to choose to go there. they didn't just get sent there. >> we put these up everywhere. >> he even went to people's houses. >> we never had that. >> her son goes to sci academy he talked to me and he was explaining about the hours and academics. john: only one-third of students were proficient on the state test. >
estate to task for missing the big picture with katrina vanden heuvel of the nation and msnbc's richard wolffe. >>> plus, minneapolis mayor rt rybak on how he is lowering gun violence in his city, and how he thinks senate majority leader harry reid needs to get to work on guns. >>> the boy scouts are getting ready to end their policy of discrimination against gays, and the president is standing with them. >> should scouting be open to gays? >> yes. >> i'll tell you how conservatives are fighting the process. the. >>> it's the super bowl commercial everybody is talking about. >> god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a caretaker. so god made a farmer. >> god created the family farmer. i'll tell you how republicans are destroying them. all that plus e.j. dionne, karen finney and jonathan alter on why conservatives are actually trying to blame the super bowl blackout on the president. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching there is a major development on gun legislation today, but there is a good chance you haven't heard about it. president obama cont
that the city was going to continue dying. in fact, katrina and rita didn't cause all of our problems. we had many of them before the storm started. but what happened was the people like james and mary, julia, other people came back and said you know what, that place is worth saving the. new orleans people themselves said we're not leaving. >> rose: also the man doing the play-by-play for cbs sports jim nans. >> we made a stop in the mid 60s for almost four years and it coincided with the birth of the new orleans saints. so the first football game i ever saw was september 17th, 1967. they were playing the los angeles rams, first game in saint's history, it happened to be the first game i ever witnessed in my dad got standing room only tickets. we sat in the aisle, two rows from the top, just in time to watch john gillium, famous down here in new orleans, return the opening kickoff, 94 yards for a touchdown. at that point i was hopelessly in love with the nfl. had no idea that i would one day be calling the nfl or that i would am could be ba and have a chance to call a super bowl here in new o
spur has done is look at that in terms of recovery and in new orleans with katrina and lost many of the people, hasn't recovered the building stock. it's not a good situation. i think we can agree and in san we want to rebuild well and quickly after a major disaster so we have defined what that means for our life lines. how do we need the gasolines to perform and water perform after an earthquake and the building stock as well, so we have the goal of 95% of our homes to be ready for shelter in place after a major earthquake, and that way people can stay within the city. we don't lose our work force. we don't lose the people that make san francisco so special. we keep everybody here and that allow us to recover our economy, and everything because it's so interdependent. >> so that is a difficult goal but i think we can achieve it over the long time so thank you very much for hosting us and hosting this great exhibit, and thank you very much for joining >> hey, san franciscans, here with the weekly buzz. it's the first week in february, and we have things that won't break the ban
from the devastation of hurricane katrina. beyonce was joined on stage by her former group destiny's child. they have a new reunion ail bum and it was built as a surprise performance. jacoby jones takes the second half kick-off from 8 yards deep and ties the longest kick return in nfl history. with baltimore up 28-6 they would turn out the lights literally. the stadium went dark and when play resumed a half hour later the 49ers began a nearly historic comeback. kaepernick to crabtree for six and then frank gore around the right side leaving san francisco within eight. fourth quarter kaepernick takes it hits. the 49ers missed the two-point conversion. frank gore rumbles for the baltimore five. fourth in goal and the ravens' defense holds. baltimore wins 34-31. during the thrill of winning his first sproul ravens coach john harbaugh paid tribute to his little brother. >> how hard was it going against your little brother? >> it was really hard. the end of the game was the hardest experience. >> what did you say to him? >> i told him i love him. >> baltimore we're
want one for home you want for 5 days. our old standard was 3. after hurricane katrina we participate 5 days. for work a lot of work places have supplies. make sure they do. if they don't keep one for yourself and may be your coworkers. a first aid kit a flashlight any pair of shoes in case you are driving you have to get out. water. how much water do you need for 72 hours? if you use the hot water heater you have to turn off the gas. if you don't stop the gas it will light up and cause a little explosion or fire. vegetables. the back of the tank you go up and treat water with bleach. but remember, it should be a fresh pot of bleach. once you open bleach it looses the effectiveness of the bleach. one capful for a gallon of water. wait 20 minutes. wash your hands. wait a half-hour, to drink it, tastes like pool water but it kills germs. >> what kind of food do you want to keep? open the fridge don't open it too much. eat all perishable food first. you want to save emergency supplies. what emergency supply food do you want to /kaoepl. keep? energy bars. dry food. canned vegetables. can
of dollars upgrading their electrical systems since hurricane katrina. on the picture perfect day, new orleans had rolled out the party mat. goodell indicated that the incident would not affect their temperatures to host the future super bowls. >> this is a clue for something to be fixed and a clue to prepare for and we will. >> reporter: the next super bowl will be played here in the new york area at metlife stadium. they will now take a closer look at that stadium's power supply and back-up plans. cbs news, new york. that's still fewer than the 111 million viewers back in 2010 and 2011. with the super bowl over, the farewell season for the 49ers at candlestick park is officially underway. including their ultimate demise. we'll, plain lathe on in the news -- we'll explain lathe on in the newscast. >>> we are learning more about a 13-year-old girl found murdered in a fairfield park. tonight her family tells joe vazquez that the young teen had a very tough life. >> she had a family, people that loved her. she was loved. we loved her. >> reporter: they asked us not to show her faces on t
at that in terms of recovery and in new orleans with katrina and lost many of the people, hasn't recovered the building stock. it's not a good situation. i think we can agree and in san we want to rebuild well and quickly after a major disaster so we have defined what that means for our life lines. how do we need the gasolines to perform and water perform after an earthquake and the building
to the commonwealth of california radio program. our guest is katrina vander huegen editor and publisher of "the nation." i watched you on colbert. he asked you to repudiate the obama three times before the cock crows. [laughter] >> he said at the end that i filibustered him. >> he went after you. >> one of the bright lights in the bush era was when he spoke of the white house correspondents' dinner. you rarely see someone in your face. it was at that moment when the country was -- it was really a rebuke to journalists. remember? >> i went on his show as a journalist. i was sweating. he explains from then on he will be in character. he said i am a person who has willful disregard for everything you believe in. [laughter] >> you kind of have to do a mindset check. it is very confusing. >> last year, the obama administration had a package of recommendations that appeared to be dead on arrival. why? >> examples-simpson? >> i am assuming. -- is that the bulls-simpson? -- simpson-bowles? >> i am assuming. >> i think there was pushed back in the right way. the commission was focused on cuts and not in
. >> they say during hurricane katrina that was a disconnect between the first responders and the military and that sometimes hindered rescue efforts. the goal of this simulation this morning is to get different emergency responders on the same page before disaster strikes. organizers tell me people have been telling them there's no way to be 100% prepared for a disaster, but they tell me that won't stop them from trying. reporting live in fremont, kira klapper, abc news. >> an extensive drill. thank you, kira. new this morning san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting. officers arrived to find a man with a gunshot wound at hayes street just after 2:00 this morning. he was pronounced dead a short time later. no suspect information is available. >>> new this morning a police consultant hired to help turn around oakland's crime problem will speak this afternoon at a public meeting. robert wassermann, chairman of the strategic policy partnership, will speak at the first of several meetings. the agenda formerly called for the police chief to lead the discussion, but protesters ha
katrina. pero presumiblemente tendrÁ alguna consecuencia para la ciudad y el superdom especialmente debido a que nueva orleans planea postularse para presentar el gran juegon el 2018, en conjunciÓn con el 300 aniversario de su fundaciÓn. el alcalde dijo que, en los prÓximos dÍas espera un informe completo de todas las partes involucradas.super investigaran apagon cortesia: nfl/cbs nba: wizards 98 clippers 90 y las buenas noticias continu Úan para los equipos del a rea, porque en el basquetbol el quinteto de la capital volvio a ganarle a otro de los grandes anoche en el verizon center, martell webster anoto Ó 21 puntos y los wizards de washington rompieron una racha de cuatro derrotas al vencer anoche por 98-90 a los clippers de los angeles, los wizards consiguieron una racha de 7-0 a finales del cuarto perÍodo, ayudados con un par de buenos rebotes ofensivos del brasileÑo nene. nene y garret temple anotaron 15 puntos cada uno, emeka okafor recuperÓ 14 rebotes, y john wall sumÓ 13 tantos y ocho asistencias para los wizards, que siguen alejandose de los ultimos lugares de la tabla
. >> with all the problems that occurred during katrina, why do you think they didn't do a more effective job, particularly with the engagement of president bush and clinton in haiti? >> did everybody here? the question, correct me if i get it wrong, but after everything had gone wrong and katrina, why didn't they do a better job with the engagement of president bush and clinton, right? that's a very good question. basically, this is not the first time that aid has gone wrong, that it is not done with it was set up to do, and in many cases it has made problems worse. people can tell you over and over again story after story after story of places they worked that they came, they thought is going to go one way, it went the other, they're not pleased. these are deep-seated structural problems. it is not really a surprise. it wasn't a surprise to me but i don't think it was anybody who knows haiti well, i don't think of surprise in windows disaster relief well, that many of these issues occurred. because these days, they occur ever. ever. they agree to an effective way but after sandy, you know,
. >> and the ravens have won it. >> reporter: the super dome has spent millions of dollars since katrina. they're blaming this on an abnormality. charlie, norah? >> an abnormality. thank you, jeff. now we head across town to the super dome. we have new video from the moment the game went dark. it's a story only we can bring you. armen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. good morning, norah. i had just finished an interview when the light went out. it was part of a "60 minutes" sports story to air on show time. we were talking about the halftime clock and beyonce's show had run three minutes long when everything changed leading to a search for answers that the 35 minutes never came. >> the time clock here is so low that had it been illuminated it would have been in every shot, we took it out and put it up there so everyone could see it. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. we lost light. all right. we're going to a manual override. >> reporter: almost two minutes into the second half the power went out. in the nfl control room there was no panic but there was an undeniable certainty about the cause.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 119 (some duplicates have been removed)